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a year ago
Wiz mantra is an excellent platform for learning English. Learn through stories is an awesome technique. Apart from learning English, Trainers also helps how to crack interviews. I have attended many classroom session of learning English but Biz mantra is the best institute of learning English through calls and Video calls.
- Gaurav G
3 years ago
I am very happy that I chose Wizmantra to help me learn English. The standard of Wizmantra is very good and the quality of their trainers is excellent. Ms Sangeeta.Gurbani who has been my trainer since 6 months has taught me with dedication and inspired me to give my best. We worked together with determination and today I am able to speak English correctly and fluently. Wizmantra is an excellent institute which keeps its word of making us speak well in the English language.
- Natali S
a year ago
Hello I am Sunil.I have taken english spoken classes on your company WizMantra. I was mentored by Mrs Neelima Kumar and my experience with her was amazing. My experience with her is outstanding. Her way of teaching is fantabulous as she made a positive difference in my life. Thanks Mam.
- sunil g

Best English Speaking Classes in Delhi

Basic Spoken English Classes in Delhi- Are you facing any hurdles while communicating with others in English?   Do you wish to speak flawlessly amongst your peers or colleagues to lead your position?   Are you in the requirement of any tutor who could help you ace your school English exam?   Basic Spoken English Classes are exactly what you need to let go of that hesitation and converse fluently and efficiently, thereby creating your own identity. The complete environment offering you with the best of facilities to ensure your growth and determination to pursue English level more boldly is what the trainers at WizMantra aim for.   To be a fluent speaker, you need to ace the four traits which are mainly Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing. These traits require time, dedication, and persistence to blossom and thus help the speaker communicate without any glitches or detours. We, at WizMantra, are committed to give the best learning experience to the trainees with guaranteed results helping them climb the ladder high.   We provide them with round the clock assistance for their queries or any inconveniences in understanding the theory well. Our in-house team of native speakers of Delhi would make learning easy and fun for the local trainees by bridging the language barrier. You would also learn the basics of grammar and its usage, pronunciations of words and how much emphasis should be given on the sounds, proper sentence construction, and spellings and how to communicate with your teammates, colleagues, or anyone from your clan.   Beat the English blues and book your seat today!  Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure

Advanced Spoken English Classes in Delhi  Are you looking for a tutor who could assist you in leveling up your game?   Do you require an ace mentor to help you score well in preparatory exams like GMAT, TOEFL, PET?   Do you wish to hone your Spoken English skills by grasping the advancements in English?   You are at the right place! Whether you’re a professional, student or a homemaker, WizMantra Institute brings you the advanced Spoken English Course which is tailored according to your needs and requirements. WizMantra coaching Institute aims to offer every enthusiastic learner a unique experience of understanding the nuances of English, its implementation and its usage which is limited to not only mugging up.   This course is made for students who have apt knowledge of English yet face difficulty while communicating or lack confidence. It is also meant for trainees who cannot construct proper sentences or feel shy to complete the sentence because of their broken English. This advanced course helps you construct sentences which create impact while being meaningful stating your thorough knowledge of the most spoken language in the world.   Take a step!   Small steps, Consistent Success! Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure

English Writing Classes in Delhi One of the most important steps in learning flawless English is to learn writing in the same. Although, speaking fluent English can give you the power to lead the trail, writing effortlessly gives you command over the language in all.      The set strategies to enhance your know-how about the lingua franca is the ultimate aim of every teacher at WizMantra. Often, you would find yourself in a confused state hesitating to ask your little doubts for the fear of being laughed at.   WizMantra has got you covered up, ask your doubts, learn the basics, go for advancements, be proactive, and be a leader with an awesome command over the English language. Many of the versatile English speakers tend to underestimate the power of writing and if studied carefully, they lack the proper skills as well.   If you searching for a tutor to help you in writing properly constructed grammatically correct English, then this place is for you.   If you are a homemaker and trying to improve your basic writing skills for the blog you want to start, then this place is for you.   If you are an aspirant planning for studying abroad and you want to clear the entrance examinations, then this place is for you.   If you are a copywriter and wish to level up your game in your particular niche, then this course is particularly for you.   These classes are custom made which gives you the freedom to learn the nitty-gritty of the system of the English language by incorporating the rules into your daily routine. They say English is a simple language. Yes, it is definitely but when learned from the trusted and efficient sources.   Enroll in today; these skills learned will never go wasted!  Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure
Interview Preparation Classes in DelhiThe graduation days are the best days in a teenager’s lifespan as they offer a different level of confidence, sound knowledge, loads of memories, and new found relationships. The difficult part is the finding yourself an efficient workplace where you can enhance your interpersonal as well as intrapersonal skill along with the technical skill sets you possess.   Sometimes, despite having the apt portfolio and sound skills required for the particular job, your chances of getting selected seem to be low. A properly drafted CV (Curriculum Vitae) or even an accurate resume lands you one chance for the interview. But, alas! You fail to impress the HR which can be due to hesitation or the wrong way of sending your message across. These minute mistakes can cost you your entire career.   WizMantra has designed a special course for all the students who are aspiring for getting placed in their dream companies. Whether you’re a new entrant in the corporate world, re-entering the workforce or simply looking for future prospects to advance your career, this course is entirely for you to dazzle your next interview and pass with flying colors.    Interview preparation classes in Delhi are created to help you master your interview skills with comprehensive course making learning fun and interactive. In no time, you would be able to master your confidence and know-how about the entire interview process and some common and basic questions asked during it. With years of experience, our trainers make sure they leave no stone unturned while preparing you up for your big day.   Stay Ahead of your peers by registering with us!   Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure

 - Personality Development Classes in Delhi“The first impression is the last impression.’’ -          Anonymous Everyone overlooks a shabby, disheveled and disorganized person over a confident, neat and properly dressed individual. Your personality always plays a key role and in today’s highly competitive business environment, it's become a grave matter that you stand apart from the crowd and for that, you definitely need attitude, determination, and confidence. That’s where WizMantra’s Personality Development Classes helps you to polish up your talents while making you capable to excel in your profession by extensive training being imparted to master the capabilities needed. It helps you sharpen your interpersonal skills that eventually aim to the achievement of goals and live up to your full potential be it your personal or professional lives. While personality is a vivid concept and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ and accordingly, we at WizMantra have developed many personal development and training programs that aid different individuals with their respective training needs. This coupled with our expert trainers that possess an excellent track record and years of experience makes sure that at the other end of the course you find yourself much more confident and composed that always leaves an impression behind. All it takes is filling up our registration forms and you’ll definitely find the change in yourself. The first step is always the most difficult step but it’s rewarding when you see yourself few years down the line. The expert trainers and state-of-the-art facilities enable you to discover a whole new version of yourselves with a confident and suave personality. Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure
Public Speaking Classes in Delhi Public speaking also known as oration is a skill known to be of valor, determination, and high-end confidence. Whenever you went for some seminar or any public event, you’d often felt mesmerized by the speaker’s speech and the way he/she carried themselves on stage by never losing eye contact.   Well, that’s what public speaking is all about. To dazzle the audience with your high pitched knowledge with soft-spoken voice and moving around flawlessly making relations with the eyes of the people is what public speaking comprises of. You want your message to be delivered to the audience which can be speculating purposes – to entertain, to persuade or simply to inform.   WizMantra’s Public speaking classes in Delhi provide comprehensive training on public speaking or oratory skills to individuals who wish to pursue this line of interest. It could be for the profession itself, for a seminar or simply to make a strong impact on the society. We also undertake training for corporates on soft skills and other traits essential to be an influential public speaker.   Let go of your biggest fear by becoming who you always wanted to be – a leader, a maverick, and an enthusiast. The course is designed and decorated to keep the learners engaged by making the process interactive, fun, and full of an adrenaline rush. Develop strong techniques of storytelling by making your audience gasp, laugh, and cry with you. Learn the basics of speaking, avoid public speaking blunders, make a memorable and great speech and lead the space, the stage is all yours. Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure

 -IELTS Online Classes in Delhi Preparing for the studying abroad and do you lack mentor support?   Want to excel in the IELTS test at one go?   Re-appearing for the test?   WizMantra has brought to you IELTS Online Classes - your ultimate guide to succeed and get into your desired university or get a promising career. Get yourself enrolled in the IELTS classes to gain apt knowledge as well as practice to get that dream college you always wanted to study in. It will not only help you in improving your English language skills but would make you apt to appear and pass with flying colors.   Get access to countless resources from the plethora of useful materials both for academic and general training modules of IELTS. Improve and learn the tricks and tips for reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Inculcate the practice regime in your daily routine to get fruitful results later on. These courses are designed and curated by the IELTS tutors and skilled English language course developers. The in-house trainers along with the state-of-the-art facilities aid you in preparing for the IELTS examination by videos, online sessions, tutorials, practice tests, and worksheets. These training modules have a high success rate in preparing students to clear the IELTS test.   Whether you wish to prepare for the exam in a short duration of time or you have enough time, WizMantra’s IELTS online classes suit your needs and requirements. Take the online classes and practice papers along with the tutor assistance. Attain your band and hail high in your career.   Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure

 -Spanish Classes Wouldn’t it be exciting if you can learn a new foreign language in Delhi without spending a fortune on it?   Aren’t you excited to learn the second most widely spoken in the world, Spanish and flaunt it to your friends and peers?   A secured investment, learning the Spanish language can take you to places you have never been without feeling foreign. Spoken by 350 million people, Spanish is easy to learn and interpret amongst various other languages. It is treated as the base language which can help you learn the other foreign languages hassle-free.   For the people who are aspiring to study abroad, getting the knowledge of Spanish can prove to be of aid in their preparation as well. A primary language of almost 20 countries worldwide, Spanish also gives you an edge over other languages in finding lucrative jobs in abroad countries.   WizMantra has designed Spanish Classes for all the language enthusiasts to add feathers to their cap. These classes are developed with complete and successful teaching methodology which suits the linguistic requirements of the population eager to learn impeccable Spanish. The experienced staff with more than 20 years of experience in this particular niche, WizMantra proudly calls itself a learning hub for everyone.   A homemaker trying to learn a new language or simply a professional adding another asset in his experience bag, these classes are friendly and interactive. With the use of latest technology in education, we cater to individuals who have that curious bud instilled in them to get out of the comfort zone by trying new things every time. Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure

 -French Classes Do you wish to learn fluent French to impress your peers and colleagues?   Are you well aware of French as a language and you want to take it ahead by learning the basics? Do you prefer one on one French class with tutors?   Or do you need to improve your French pronunciations and listening skills?   WizMantra’s French Classes are specially designed to aid you with your French quotient, making you learn a foreign language the easy way.  A structured course that takes you systematically throughout step by step is what learning French in WizMantra all about. You can learn French from the coziness of your home or from your air-conditioned office through our virtual classes as well.   We cater our students with round the clock support from our tutors making efforts to not let the students be hesitant or shy while asking. A course which can be customized to suit your requirements in the stipulated time based on your level, interests, and goals. The web-based WizMantra classes offer online classes as well as offline classes in Delhi. These help you in achieving a noticeable difference in your French speaking and writing ability.   The teaching team of the WizMantra is made up of more than 20 professors holding years of experience and university teaching degrees. They are specifically trained in the latest teaching methodologies while teaching French as a foreign language for quite a few years. With lively and efficient teaching approach, students loosen up and go on learning French from one level to another. Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure   
BPO Call Center Training Classes Are you working in a call center and wish to level up your position?   Or are you aspiring for a career in an International call center but are least aware of the same?   If the question to any of the above sentence is yes, then this module is definitely for you. An ultimate guide to enhance your English communication skills to get into the big shot companies or climb up the ladder. Every customer who calls the call center wants to get support for the issues he/she are facing and as a call center agent you need to understand and answer their queries without fumbling.   You need to satisfy the customers with apt guidance as they will be the callers from the entire globe. Call Center agents need to be transparent, proactive, and precise with their responses in properly constructed English, sounding pleasant to the customer. We aim to offer you an easy to understand and interpret step-by-step program in honing your English skills, developing your personality, accent and interview skills.   You can access our classes online or by phone and also by walking down to the center in Delhi, whatever your preference is. A continuous learning process can ensure you with ace results, making your hesitant levels narrow down to zero. The experienced and qualified faculty of WizMantra Online Institute with years of sweat and practice is dedicated to work on your individual self to develop your personality and its traits. Get polished and groomed for working in your dream company by enrolling in our course. Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure

Voice and Accent Classes in Delhi Do you fumble while speaking because you’re busy practicing the right accent in your mind?   Do you feel you are left behind because of your voice quality?   Are you able to deliver your message across the medium without losing any bit of crucial information in it?   It happens! Even the most renowned faces of the English language had to suffer humiliation because of their accent, voice, and intonation. Your speech carries ahead your future and decides your career graph. Your way of communicating in English reflects your hold over the language and the expertise of the subject which in turn exhibits the charm in your personality on a professional, academic, corporate or on any other front.   You would always remember when a soft-spoken and confident person would have spoken nicely to you. The first Impression always lasts longer if a person has perfect voice and correct accent. However, even though you’re aware of the rich vocabulary or the endless grammar rules sometimes you may find it difficult to pronounce the words correctly.   Voice and Accent training modules at WizMantra enable you to master the art of conversing and speaking right by delivering your message effectively and efficiently across. An easy and interactive way to learn the divergence in stressed and un-stressed words and syllables, bothersome vowel sounds would make the entire process fun to understand. The native speakers help you learn these nuances with their year’s old experience and qualifications. This course aids you in avoiding the excess of your current accent and assists you develop a neutral accent to deliver your message hassle-free. Call +91 8826083900 to know more about fees structure

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